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Cindythings art for charity Program provides artwork to charities and other non-profit helping institutions which can benefit from my type of illustrations in their printed materials, Cindy-style murals or hangings for their facilities, or ideas, design help, and guidance in creating your own art or art events for helping causes.

    Put a friendly face on your efforts.  I want to help! 

   If you would like to be considered for Cindythings art for charity Program, please     email me and we'll see how I can be of help to your program!  

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Children's hospitals & mental health institutions

Family and juvenile shelters

Veterans groups


Public Service Programs

Public Health Programs

Nature and Wildlife Programs

Animal Welfare Programs

Food Programs

Volunteer Programs

Fund-raising materials and merchandise

Non-profit Publications

Reading and literacy programs

Drab places that need to look friendly

Pamphlets about serious issues

Fund-raising art events and concepts



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