Whoops!  You and your buddies were last in line.  We're deeply sorry but there's only one cabin left! 

 Welcome to Smellyjelly Cabin, campers!!!

  We know you won't mind having Ms. Glop around!


But...guess what?  Ms. Glop has moved to Harumscarum Cabin, and you, lucky campers, will now be bunking with a different counselor.  Hmm, which one will it be?  These are the possibilities.  Meet your staff!

March'em Martha, the camp drill sergeant, who makes her troops hup-two-three-four from dawn to dusk and drop for a hundred push-ups if they forget to say "Yes, Sir!"


Fearless Phoebe, the camp wildlife expert, who is really, really enthusiastic about things that creep and slither, and likes to take her work home!


Mr. Trout, the camp fishing master, who kind of smells...well, fishy.  And don't ever say "yes" if he asks if you want to try a special milkshake!


Coach Sideline, the camp sports coach, who blows his whistle if he sees a kid sitting still for two seconds!


Nurse Plague, the camp nurse who thinks the answer to everything is a shot!


Frank Ferter, the camp campfire leader, who makes you appreciate good singing and guitar playing when you hear him--because he's as tone deaf as a plank!  


Well, which one are you excited to share a cabin with?  None of them?!  Don't worry, because you're not going to!

  The counselor who's going to bunk in Smellyjelly Cabin with you and your buddies is none other than Camp Cindythings' most popular counselor...



How lucky are you?!  Cindy is everyone's favorite counselor at Camp Cindythings because she's the coolest, most fun counselor around! 

You must be so overjoyed, you need to sing something!  How about...

 The Camp Cindythings Song!

Here it is!  Just sing along to the tune of your choice!


Wow!!!  Wasn't that great?  I feel so close to you right now!  I just know you're going to love your whole visit to Camp Cindythings!  We're going to have lots of fun!

You've got the best cabin, the best counselor, and three great buddies you hope are going to be great!

And guess what?  I have a surprise for you!

  All the buddies at Camp Cindythings are great!

There isn't one dud in the whole bunch!!!  So I hope you and your buddies will have fun, fun, fun with all the other campers!!!

Okay, campers!!!

Are we all settled in?  Candy stashed in the bottom of sleeping bags?  Shoelace traps tied from bed legs to door knobs?  Pail of water over the door ready to drench intruders?  Hair uncombed, face unwashed, and teeth unbrushed?


Let's have some fun, campers!!!


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