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No, I am not a Candy Mentalist, mate!  Do I look like a Candy Mentalist?  I'm the security guard!  Now come along in and have some fun.  That's it!  Orderly lines, please.  No pushing.  Keep your hands to yourselves.  Move along, now!  Move along!  And please don't eat any of the Candy Mentalists.  That's right.  Move along, now!



Candy Mental Cupcakes!

The first Candy Mentalists were originally created to go on top of a cake and be eaten.  So here are some Candy Mentalists fulfilling their true purpose in life.  Almost.  Standing on a cake, that is.  None got eaten--yet.  Special thanks to Judy at my local Albertson's who enthusiastically custom-decorated these cupcakes as weirdly as I asked!






Candy Shop Mentalists  

What if you could go into a local shop and buy Candy Mentalists at the candy counter?  They might come packaged like this.  







 Candy Mental Softees!

It was summer, there were cones in the house, and Candy of those ideas like peanut butter and chocolate.  In Kensington Park in London we once had ice cream cones called Softees, that's why the name.

 Single Scoops!



Double Scoop!

Coffeehouse Mentalists!

Coffee is a big deal at our house because of our red Francis-Francis Espresso Machine, Francis.  She suggested this section.  

 Have a big cup of Joe!



Espresso shots!



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