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Meet Candy Delia Smith!

Delia Smith is Britain's top cookery author and has been a beloved TV chef in the U.K. since the early 1970's.  She is so popular that when she uses a particular ingredient in one of her recipes, something known as "the Delia Effect" happens--sales of that item soar and stores sell out of whatever ingredient she has used and the entire British economy booms!  That's amazing, we have so much in common it's uncanny, because I've got a similar thing going right here in America.  I once shared a recipe for Chicken Piccata on my first TV cooking show series, "Who Needs A Recipe?", and I didn't have any white wine so I cleverly substituted frozen limeade concentrate, because as you and I both know, it's the next closest thing to being practically the same thing.  (Don't worry, staff were blamed and fired.)  The next thing I knew, no one in America would eat Chicken Piccata and it dropped off of every menu in thirty-three countries where my show was broadcast.  I try to be humble, but that kind of major pop culture influence is rare and when you've got it, you've got it, and I have so obviously got it.  I would call mine the Cindy Effect but I just got a cease and desist letter from Delia telling me don't even think about it or she'll crack an egg on my head.





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