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Meet Candy Julia Child!

But stay back or she'll whack you with her little mallet!  Julia Child was a beloved American TV chef with many PBS series and the acclaimed author of many classic cookbooks starting with her landmark books on French cooking.  I have always loved Julia Child because she reminds me of my grandma Mary, who in my young opinion looked and sounded a lot like Julia and always had good things around for grandchildren to eat without having to ask.  There are so many things about Julia that fascinate me.  For instance, she was 6' 2 " tall (which is how tall I was supposed to be if I had not been such a picky little eater as a child and hidden things on the ledge under the table), she was an international spy during World War II, she achieved all her cookbook and television success mid-life after having breast cancer and a mastectomy, she loved butter almost as much as I do, and, like others of us, she learned to cook mainly because she was always hungry!  I met her once, in 2001, and she was like this fantastic exotic bird that might have escaped from Sesame Street.  She took a good look at the person of the male persuasion I was with and gave him a very saucy wink, didn't she Joe!  Those French Chefs can be so naughty.





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