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Hi, I'm Cindy!  I do this cartoon series for the Psychic Entertainers Association (PEA) monthly journal, Vibrations.  Many thanks to Roy Schubert (aka Roybert), my Evil Editor, for liking and running them!  I really appreciate his enthusiastic support and our enjoyable conversations about cartooning!

  I come up with a lot of the ideas myself, because I've been way over-exposed to mentalists and mentalism, but I've also dragged a few suggestions and bits of advice out of a certain in-house mentalist.  I think he calls himself Dunninger?

 I did the first 42 of them in one week in Spring 2004, and they comprised my entire cartooning career to that date!  The rest were done in 2006.  I'm planning to make the first 100 available at some point in a special limited edition handmade booklet called "Going Mental 100."  I have so much fun thinking these up, drawing them, and seeing how the drawings have come out, I laugh the whole time, so much I keep having to stop drawing, and I am advised I am very annoying to be around.  But I don't know if I can trust a mentalist's opinion on that!

Here they are, and I hope you enjoy them!  I'd love to know which one is your favorite, so please drop me a line!  And be sure to visit my Cindythings Shop at Cafepress.com for cool, fun Cartoon Gallery souvenir designs and cartoons on all kinds of great tees, mugs, apparel, and gifts!





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