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On this page you will be looking at Cindy Pictures!  Cindy Pictures show me, Cindy, doing things I love.  I make them for fun and practice.  

They're made with ink and watercolors. 


Cindy takes a tropical holiday!  Kitty must have stayed on the cruise ship to have lunch with the Captain, it was probably tuna salad sandwich day.  I've never been to the tropics, or on a cruise, but every Summer I have fun pretending my back yard is a tropical resort called Back Yard Beach!  

Cindy and Kitty bake some cookies!  I love to bake cookies, and Kitty loves to help.  Look, there's my world famous fridge before it was discovered!  We had a funny little mouse like the one in this picture--can you find it?  After we got it to go out into our garage, it scratched at the garage door but we wouldn't open it.  So it went outside and around to our front door and made a big ruckus demanding to be let back in!

Cindy writes a best-seller!  I love writing, it's the best fun in the world!  Kitty is always happy to help.  She likes to walk all over my keyboard writing things like ZzzsXQqqwwkkk.


Cindy writes in her rose garden!  My favorite, most special place on earth!  Kitty and I love going out there together all year long, any time, in any weather.  My pet bunnies Nestle and Ollie loved it, too, and if it was especially cold and windy they would jump up on me and it would get a little crowded in my favorite sweater!

Lucky me, it's my drawing, so I can be or do whatever I want!  So meet "The Cindy's!"  Yeah, yeah, yeah!  The biggest pop group to hit Carnaby Street since those four fab boys on the sidewalk!  Hey, look at the "Cindy" in the Austin Powers suit!  Now who can that be?  Hint:  it isn't Kreskin!

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