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Welcome to Cindy's Art Gallery!  Thank you for coming!  I'm Cindy, and this is where you can see lots of my art!  I hope you'll have fun!

   Please enjoy your visit!



***New! Cindy's Winter in Amsterdam!***

My new Cindy Pictures Special Exhibit!

Visit it now or as you begin your tour of the permanent collection!



Here is what you'll find in Cindy's Art Gallery:

***New Exhibit!  Cindy's Winter in Amsterdam!***

"Cindy Pictures"  -  Pages 1 - 6

  Children's Illustration Art  -  Pages 7 - 14

Practice Pictures  -  Page 15

Commissioned Art  -  Page 16

Watercolors  -  Pages 17 - 19

Oils  -  Page 20

Pastels - Page 21

Prints  -  Pages 22 - 23

Ink  -  Page 24

Doodle Gallery  -  Page 25

"The Night Gallery"  -  Page 26

"Ted and Fred's Book!" - Page 27

New Fun Pix - Page 28

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Please note that all of the art featured on this website is protected by international copyright.

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If you're with a charity and are interested in Cindy Art for your efforts, please check out my Art for Charity page.

If you're interested in commissioning some art, please contact me!   I enjoy working with clients, I believe in giving my clients exactly what they want, and I'm very experienced working on deadline.  I have created commissioned art for private individuals, institutions, and publications, and will be happy to consider your inquiry.

Don't forget to visit Camp Cindythings here at Cindythings.com to make some cool, fun arts and crafts of your own!

And if you like cartoons, check out my Cartoon Gallery featuring my Going Mental cartoons about mind readers, along with some other fun cartoons!

If you're into pop art like I am, check out my Candy Mentalists Gallery, especially the fun page there, where you'll find some fun pop art tributes starring Candy Mentalists!

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