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These are some pen and ink drawings I've done using a crowquill pen dipped in India ink.  When I was in high school I drove my design-engineer dad crazy sitting at the table in our living room for hours on end making drawings out of tiny dots and cross-hatches.  He couldn't stand to see the insane amount of effort that went into each picture and kept insisting I should let him invent a tool that would make a bunch of little dots or lines at once.  We never did agree on that, so he gave me some technical pens so at least he wouldn't have to watch me dip my pen tips into a bottle of ink over and over, they had cartridges.  I still have them and use them for some things, but I didn't use them for any of these.  Don't tell my dad!  

This one is my Grandpa, Clyde, as a boy, rowing a boat, from an old photo of him on a river.  I changed the river to an ocean at nighttime for a fantasy picture book image to go with the words, "One, two, three, one, two, three, out in the middle of the deep blue sea."  Maybe someday I'll complete his adventure!

This must be Mr. Darcy!

And his silly looking Regency lady probably worrying about what color ribbons to put on her bonnet next.


Never take a nap when there's an artist in the room.  And please don't tell my dad this is on here either or I'll be sent to my room for a year!

One of a bazillion Beatle portraits I did in high school.  This one is stipple, all tiny dots made one by one...

A San Francisco Victorian I did in school.  I love the crazy perspective.  What's perspective again?


I ran out of Aubrey Beardsley pictures to admire so I did one of my own!  He is one of my idols.


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