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The Night Gallery!

While I was scanning in art for this art gallery, I noticed something fun.  If you invert the colors on a scan, you get a really trippy night scene!  So here are a few for you to enjoy looking at, just for fun!  Aren't they wild?

I sometimes sleep walk and sleep talk, and have been told some really funny stories about things I've said and done.  Sometimes I've had entire wacky conversations, but as far as I know I have never sleep baked!  Here I am baking in the middle of the night, obviously a top secret recipe I don't want anyone knowing about.

No wonder that cruise package was so cheap, all the island stops are at night!  Here I am catching a few moon rays, which is only fitting, since my real name, Cynthia, means Goddess of the Moon.  I've tried throwing that around, but no one seems overly impressed and I still have to wait on myself.

Wow, this one's great, isn't it?  I sometimes like to go out into my garden in the moonlight in Summer, it's a totally different world than by daylight.  Did you know, some people plant silver-leafed plants with white flowers just for the way their gardens look in the dark?  I'll have to try that sometime.

If I wouldn't end up like a zombie from lack of sleep, I would love to stay up all night writing like this!

A bunch of ghost magicians popping in!


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