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Here are a few new fun pictures I've made for this website or just for fun that have found themselves homeless and need a page to live on.

This was my first online page.  I really thought I could finish my whole website by January 2006?!  I love the Minis with the trees on them, that's just how mine looks when I get my Christmas tree!


This was my second online page.  Okay, this time I really, really thought I could finish my website up by sometime around Valentine's Day!


Here is my third online page, put up in August 2006.  I love the little furry pets flying off the back fender, Cindy hit a bump!  And I love the Smoochy Poochy on the UK flag, and I really love frog princes!



This is a fun picture of me hanging out with Kitty Golightly!  Wow, she's fun to cuddle with!  We are such best friends!  We love to chillax together--chill and relax!


This is a fun picture I did one day recently just for fun!  I've been a crazed Bewitched fan from age three or four, I'm a bit witch-happy.  So you can just imagine how thrilled I was one day recently when I found out a few generations of my family had actually lived in Salem in the 1600's!  Oh, my stars!  I wonder why there wasn't a pet cat on Bewitched?!



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