Hey all you campers!!!

Welcome to Camp Cindythings!!!

What are you waiting for?!?!

Throw your stuff on a bunk, put on your Camp Cindythings tee shirt, and let's have some FUN!!!

But first I should warn you...there are some things around here you'd better watch out for!

Buster Bear, who is a grouch if you don't give him some candy!  (He lumbers around Oogabooga Cabin.)


Supersilly Snake who really likes candy!  (He slithers around Ickybicky Cabin.)

Big Bad Buzzard, who can sniff out a secret stash of candy a mile away!  (He flaps around Harumscarum Cabin.) 

Ms. Glop, the camp cook, who confiscates all candy and turns it into glop!  (She bunks in Smellyjelly Cabin.)


(Here's a little tip for newbies:  you can find other things besides Ms. Glop's cooking to eat here at camp.  But, you have to choose carefully, because these are the choices:  good luck!

And lastly you should really watch out for Super Marvelous Marvin, who is super fun and a super guy and gets a super giant 100 pound box of super delicious candy from his parents' candy factory once a week and shares it with all his best buddies!  (He bunks in Yummayumma Cabin!)


Okay!  First up, campers!  Which "cabin" do you want to be in?  Pick one!!!

Oogabooga Cabin 

Ickybicky Cabin 

Harumscarum Cabin 

Smellyjelly Cabin 

****Yummayumma Cabin


Did you pick Yummayumma Cabin, or weren't you paying attention?!  Okay, Yummayumma Cabin it is!

Oh no!  This just in! 


Marvin's gone home with Measles!  Sorry!  Now we're going to have to mix everyone up and pick all new cabin buddies!


So!  Who do you want to bunk with, campers?  Pick out your buddies!!!  You can pick any three you want.  But choose carefully, because you'll be with them the whole time you're here!  And if one of them turns out to be a dud, as could happen, you're stuck!!!

Here are your choices!  Remember, pick three.  Just decide, you don't have to type anything in.  I know you could trick me later by unloading a dud and trading him or her for a better buddy, but you wouldn't do anything like that!  Would you?  Okay, start picking!

Here are the first three choices!  Their camp nicknames are:

Mouse,    Ribbit,    and  Dribbles.



Did you pick any of them?  I'll bet you liked Mouse and Dribbles.  They seem like great guys, don't they?  And I'll bet you didn't pick Ribbit.  You probably think Ribbit doesn't look like a fun guy.

Well, you're right.  Ribbit isn't a fun guy!  But you're wrong about Mouse and Dribbles.  They're not great guys at all:

They're all 3 great girls!!!


And Ribbit is the most fun of all!  She's really into animals, has a genius IQ for fun things to do to the other cabins, sticks up for her pals against even the biggest bully, and would share her last piece of candy with a buddy.  If you're buddies with her, you'll have a blast!  

Mouse was a good choice, too, if you don't mind someone who's as quiet as a mouse, but a great listener who laughs at all your stupid stories!  She's also super into doing mathematical equations and skips all the fun campfires and cabin wars to study astrophysics.  Hey did you just decide not to pick her?  That was a mistake!  Because Mouse is so brilliant you can win every bet at camp if you have her by your side!  And that means what?


Dribbles was a good choice if you like a buddy who's athletic and has a lot of energy.  Just look at her, she's athletic all right.  She didn't even put the ball down for the pictures!  Did you pick her?  Maybe you'll regret it.  She plays basketball 23 1/2 hours a day.  Her dribbling the ball in the cabin all night won't annoy you, will it?  Bounce, bounce, bounce...  You didn't just decide not to pick her, did you?  Because Dribbles only dribbles all night to stay awake and guard your cabin against the other campers who are trying to sneak in and do annoying things to you and your buddies!  You don't find a buddy like Dribbles every day!  True blue!

  Okay!  How many buddies have you got so far?  It doesn't matter.  Let's look at some more choices because you might want one of them.  Here are:

YoYo,  Encyclopedia, and Hero.

YoYo's a great guy.  He's the tallest camper, so if you're buddies with him, no one will pick on you--as long as he's there, because he's a true-blue buddy and stands up for his little buddies!  He's also a yoyo champion and has to keep in practice all the time, which is good, because he's happy to teach you "around the world" and "walk the dog!"  Want to pick him?

Encyclopedia's a great guy too, if you don't mind that he's just a little bit of a know-it-all.  He can't help it, he's got a great brain, and he keeps it stuffed full of amazing facts by reading the Super Facts book he carries with him everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  No one is ever bored when Encyclopedia's around.  If you pick him, you'll learn a ton!

Hero is one of the coolest guys in camp.  He's got a rare talent for finding anyone in trouble and coming to the rescue, whether it's a fellow camper or a wild animal or a bug!  He's lots of fun to have around, as long as you don't mind a little detour now and then to make a quick rescue, because Hero's not the kind of guy to avoid getting involved!  Are you going to pick him?

How many buddies do you have now?  Here are three more choices:

Babe,     Slapstick,   and      Spike.


Babe is a great buddy to pick if you like baseball.  Babe lives and breathes baseball.  He can tell you every score and every player from every game in history.   He wants to be a famous baseball player when he grows up, just like Babe Ruth.  Until then, Babe's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, he wouldn't hurt a fly--and he'll even teach you to bunt!

Slapstick is the best buddy to pick if you like to be around someone who makes you laugh...and laugh...and laugh--until your sides hurt!  Slapstick is the funniest guy you'll ever meet, he never runs out of funny things to say and do, without ever hurting anyone's feelings!  Everyone is convinced that when he grows up, he's going to be a great movie comic!

Spike may not look like the greatest buddy.  He tries hard to come across like a bit of a rebel and make everyone think he doesn't like being at Camp Cindythings.  He spends a lot of time reading letters from his mom, and finding ways to make everyone think he hates being at camp more than the average kid hates spinach.  But, if you get to know him, you may decide Spike really loves Camp Cindythings, he's just putting on a tough guy act because he doesn't want to get teased for having red hair and freckles like he was at his last camp--or for being homesick!  He's really a super nice guy underneath all that attitude.  He'd help a buddy no matter what!

How many buddies do you have now?  Have you got three already?  Wait, here are some more choices!  Here are...

Twinkie,  Teddie, and Bookworm!


Twinkie's a super fun buddy for anyone to pick.  Not only is she nice and pretty smart, she's about as loyal as a buddy can be and has a way of making any time a lot more fun, because she loves to make a fool of herself!  She got her nickname by once stuffing six Twinkie's in her mouth at one time!  Twinkie's just that kind of great buddy!

Teddie's a super buddy to pick, too.  She carries a teddy bear everywhere she goes, even swimming, but don't get the wrong idea.  She's no baby!  Teddie is really smart and creative, and she's writing a book called "The True Life Story of a Teddy Bear."  She wants to make sure her teddy bear has plenty of interesting experiences to write about, so life with Teddie and her bear is never dull for a moment!  Pick Teddie and you get two buddies for the price of one!

Bookworm is a great pal to pick, too.  She loves, loves, loves to read so much, she's read practically every book in the Camp Cindythings library!  The great thing about that for Bookworm's buddies is, after lights out, Bookworm loves to tell her buddies the stories she's read, and can she tell a great story!  She's never without a stack of books or a fun idea to talk about, and she'd loan any buddy of hers her very favorite book!

How many buddies have you got now?  Have you got three?  Wait--here are three more, the last three to pick from!  Here are...

Cyrano,   P.A.,  and  Princess!


Cyrano is Camp Cindythings' fun romantic dreamer.  She has a mad crush on an old-time movie star, Dirk Daring, and carries his dashing picture everywhere.  Her buddies don't mind her starry eyed sighing and the hundreds of pictures of Dirk Daring she keeps plastered all over her cabin, because she is a true fountain of fun advice for anyone who has a crush on someone.  She'll not only give romantic advice in strictest confidence, she helps her buddies write the craziest love notes ever!  She's one entertaining pal to pick!

P.A. is one of the craziest, funnest campers at Camp Cindythings!  P.A. is Camp Cindythings' Purple Avenger!  No one is quite sure exactly what that means, but there's no question who at Camp Cindythings will be in the middle of helping someone get even with someone else who has done a dirty trick--in a fun way, of course!  P.A. seems to somehow know and see everything that happens at Camp Cindythings, especially if it's not fair!  If you pick P.A. to be one of your buddies, you can bet you'll have the inside scoop on whatever is happening at camp! 

Princess is the true princess of Camp Cindythings. Always as fashionable as a fashion doll, and as nice as can be, Princess just loves beautifying everything around her.  If you pick her for a buddy, you can count on enjoying a spotless cabin without lifting a finger, and you can also count on being given one of Princess's brilliant makeovers and lots of super great fashion advice!  She's one generous buddy who would give you the cute pink sneakers right off her own feet and her very last sparkly bubble gum lip gloss--because they're so you!


Got your three buddies?  Are you sure those are the ones you want?  Pick carefully the three you like the very best and think you'll have the most fun with.

  Done?  Cindy wants to know which three you picked!  Send her an email and tell her, okay?  The buddy popularity poll will be posted here at Camp Cindythings!

All right!

  Grab your three buddies because it's time to pick the cabin you and your buddies are going to bunk in!  Hurry to the next page to get in the pick-a-cabin line!


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