Make a Woodsy Garland!

Here's a fun project you can make, campers!  A Woodsy Garland to hang on your mantel or wall!  It has squirrels, acorns, oak leaves, and maple leaves, all cool things you see in the woods at Camp Cindythings!  Cindy loves making special garlands like this to hang on her mantel, they're super fun to look at!  And they're a fun way to celebrate any season!  This Woodsy Garland will make you feel like you're enjoying a summer vacation at Camp Cindythings with your buddies every time you see it!

Here's how to make it!

You'll need:  a printer, paper, scissors, thread, a needle or scotch tape, and construction paper or printer paper.

Print out the page of shapes on your printer, about four times if you're going to use printer paper, and cut them all out.  Or, if you're using construction paper, print out the shapes, cut them, trace them onto colored construction paper (or you can use white and color it yourself), and cut them out.  (If you want some of your squirrels facing the other direction if you're using printer paper, try using your printer's mirror print function to reverse it.)

   Next, string the shapes onto a piece of thread longer than your garland will be.   You can either tape the upper back of each piece to your thread, or, if you know how to sew, make two stitches near the top of each piece using a needle.  

   When you've finished stringing the shapes, carefully measure your garland to the length you want it, tie a loop in the thread where you want each end to be so the pieces won't slide off, trim off the extra thread, and hang your garland!  If you stitched your garland, slide the paper shapes around on the thread so they're spaced to your satisfaction, and you've done it! 



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