Play: What Do You Do!

You're doing something with your buddies at Camp Cindythings when you're faced with a challenge only a good buddy can get you out of!  Will you have the right type of buddy to win at least one of the challenges?  Let's play and find out!


One day you're hiking in the woods with your buddies and you have all your candy with you.  Buster Bear jumps into your path!

"Grrr!"  Buster says to you. "I'm in a super bad mood!  If you want to go past me, you'll have to give me all your candy! Otherwise, you'll have to go all the way back to Camp Cindythings the long way around and you'll miss Ms. Glop's amazingly delicious hot dogs for lunch!"

What a problem!  The only thing known to distract Buster Bear is making him laugh, or confusing him by telling him something really smart he just can't understand!  But you can't do either, because if you get close enough to distract Buster, he'll take your candy for sure!

But, if you have a buddy who can do one of those things, you're all set!  Your buddy can distract Buster and you can all get back to camp for lunch!

  Did you pick a buddy who is funny enough or smart enough to distract Buster? 

Send Cindy an email or letter and tell her which of your buddies saved the day!

If you don't have the right kind of buddy, don't worry, you'll only have to walk for two hours to get back to Camp--at least you'll have your candy!


It's skit day at Camp Cindythings, and you and your buddies are so busy rehearsing your parts for your skit, you don't notice someone sneaking up on you:

Uh oh!  It's Supersilly Snake!  "Hsssssss!" he says to you.  "Give me all your candy right now, or I'll chase you all the way around Lake Cindythingawampa and you won't be back in time for the skit competition, and you and your buddies will lose the special first prize--a hamburger cookout with Cindy!"

What a disaster!  You're so surprised you can't think what to do!  Or is it a disaster?   There are two ways to make Supersilly Snake forget about one of his threats.  One way is to have a stare down with him, and for that you need someone who wears glasses, even fake ones will do.  The other way is to show him something that fascinates him--and Supersilly Snake is fascinated by all kinds of toys--like balls, teddy bears, and yoyo's--and also anything written--like a book or a letter, oh!  and one other thing--girls!  Any girl will do!

Did you pick a buddy who can help you out of this jam with Supersilly Snake by making him forget what he was doing?

If your buddy gets you out of this jam, send Cindy an email or letter and let her know which buddy saved the day!

If none of your buddies could get Supersilly Snake to forget about his threat, don't worry, you can run faster than him, and you'll get back from being chased all the way around Lake Cindythingawampa in plenty of time for after-skits pizza!


One day there's this really weird smell coming from Ms. Glop's kitchen.  Something gloppy is cooking that smells kind of fishy and rubbery and sour and gross!   It reeks!

 Just as you and your buddies are on your way past the kitchen to go to the swimming picnic, Ms. Glop pops up in front of you!

"You!" she says to you.  "Give me all your candy!  I want to put in it in this glop to make it taste better!  If you don't give me all your candy, I'll make you mop the whole gloppy kitchen before you go to the lake for the swimming picnic, and it will take hours!  You won't get to the picnic until every last delicious Sloppy Joe is gone!  Well, which will it be--the candy or the mop?!"

Oh, no!  Sloppy Joes are your favorite! You're so horrified by both choices, you just can't think what to do!

The only thing that will save you is if someone you're with can stand up to Ms. Glop!  There are only two ways anyone can do that.  One is to be so smart or good at making bets that Ms. Glop, who loves making bets, will make a bet and lose.  The other way is to be with the kind of person who sticks up for buddies or who is so athletic or seems so tough Ms. Glop will think twice about bullying you with him or her there, because she knows she won't get away with it!

Did you pick a buddy who can make Ms. Glop back down from her threat and let you get to the swimming picnic?

If not, don't worry, the glop in the kitchen is only a foot thick, you should be able to clean it up and make it in time for dessert--they're having S'mores!


You and your buddies are rowing a canoe across Lake Cindythingawampa to get back to Camp Cindythings for the big, fun campfire night when something big and bad appears screaching overhead!

Yikes!  It's Big Bad Buzzard, and he's flying right above you!  "You!" he shrieks at you.  "If you want to get back to Camp Cindythings, give me all your candy now!  Or I'll stay right here and drop something slimy and gross on you if you come any closer to shore, and I've got plenty of ammunition!  You'll have to go all the way back to the other shore and walk all the way back to camp, and you'll miss the big, fun campfire tonight!  Ha!  Ha!" 

It's worse than you thought!  You don't want to give up your candy, and you don't want something slimy and gross dropped on you, and you really don't want to go all the way back to Camp Cindythings the long way and miss the big, fun campfire!  You're so shocked you just can't think of a way out!

But, there are ways to outsmart Big Bad Buzzard!  One way is to discuss astrophysics with him and convince him it's impossible to fly.  He's also afraid of feather dusters, frogs, snakes, teddy bears, tee-shirts with scribbled words on them, mustaches, purple capes, and the color red--so if any of your buddies has one of those things or is wearing any red, any at all, you'll be able to get past Big Bad Buzzard!

Did you pick a buddy who can get Big Bad Buzzard off your back?  If so, write to Cindy and tell her about it!

If you don't have a buddy who can get Big Bad Buzzard to buzz off, don't worry, at least you'll get to the big, fun campfire in time for hot chocolate with marshmallows!


Late one night at Camp Cindythings, you and your buddies are tucked in your bunks in Smellyjelly Cabin when a camper from another cabin, wearing a paper sack owl puppet as a mask, jumps out of the dark at you!

"Boo!" he says to you!  "Give me all your candy and I'll go!  If you don't, I'll tie your shoelaces in so many knots you won't make it to the pancake breakfast jamboree because it will take you three hours to untie them!"

You're so stunned you can't think straight!  Candy--or pancakes?  It's a terrible dilemma!  The only thing that will save you now is if you have the kind of buddy who is the nemesis of camp hooligans like this one.  What you need is a buddy whose known for rescuing, avenging, or sticking up for others, one who is quiet enough to sneak up on your cabin sneak, one with a bat to scare him with, one who everyone is scared of because he looks super tough and mean, one who can tell the sneak a really scary story to scare him away, or one who can trick him into running away by making him think she's in love with him and is going to give him a kiss!

Do you have a buddy who fits the bill?  If one of your buddies can scare off the cabin sneak, write and tell Cindy about it!

Otherwise, have fun untying those shoelaces!  But don't worry, there will still be some delicious bacon left when you finally get to breakfast.


One hot, sweltering afternoon you and your buddies are tired and hot and heading for your cool bunks to chill out for a while, after a ten mile hike with March-em Martha, when guess who pops up in your path!

Oh, no!  It's Coach Sideline!  "You!" he says to you!  "Give me all your candy, it's not good for athletes to eat candy!  I'm going to throw all your candy away in the trash!  And if you don't give it to me, I'm going to make you run a hundred laps around all the cabins!"

Horrors!  You're so horrified you can't decide which is worse.  Only a good buddy can get you out of this jam!  There are only two things that can distract Coach Sideline at a time like this.  One is athletics--if some super talented athlete does something to amaze him, or someone rattles off some impressive sports figures, or shows him a piece of sports equipment and gets him interested in it.  Coach Sideline is also so impressed by anyone who is known for being brave or doing brave things, or can write or tell a good story, he totally forgets what he's doing!

Do you have a buddy who can sideline Coach Sideline?

If your buddy gets Coach Sideline off your case, write to Cindy and tell her about it!

If you're not that lucky, well, at least while you're doing the hundred laps, you won't have to try one of Mr. Trout's fishy milkshakes!


You and your buddies are sneaking to another cabin to play a trick involving a lot of honey and a feather pillow, when you run into someone you wish you hadn't!


Yikes!  It's Nurse Plague!  "You!" she says to you!  "Give me all your candy, it's not healthy!  If you don't give it to me, I'm going to give you a big purple vitamin shot and you won't be able to sit down in a canoe for the canoe race this afternoon!"

You're so alarmed you can't even think straight!  You and your buddies are all set to win that race!  Only a good buddy could get you out of this mess!  There's only one way to make Nurse Plague turn her focus onto someone else--if that person is awfully quiet, grouchy, lovelorn, or has just eaten six Twinkies!

If one of your buddies fits the bill, you can make your escape, and so will your buddy, because your buddy's already had a shot!

Did you have the right buddy to get away from Nurse Plague's plans?

If so, write and tell Cindy about it!

If not, well, you can row standing up, can't you?

Well, maybe not!


You and your buddies have just got back to Smellyjelly Cabin after raiding Oogabooga Cabin!  There shouldn't be anyone at the cabin, but unexpectedly, you run into someone!

It's Cindy!

 "You!"  she says to you.  "I beat you back!!!  Now let's eat candy, I've got lots to go around!!!"

I know you've got the right buddies for that, because every buddy at Camp Cindythings likes candy!


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