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Meet Candy John Edwards!

John Edwards is well known for his high profile career as a successful lawyer, Senator from North Carolina, and John Kerry's Vice Presidential running mate in the 2004 election, as well as running in the 2008 race as a Democrat.  But here in the Candy Candidates Gallery it's our mission to bring to light amazing previously little known facts which you don't know and can take away and use for the good of mankind or impressing others.  Why, what do you know, here's one.  Did you know John Edwards' birthday is June 10, the same birthday as Elizabeth Hurley and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh and Judy Garland and my hero the greatest picture book illustrator ever Maurice Sendak?  Obviously that is an extremely important celebrity fact that if only John Edwards had heavily promoted in his campaign could have swayed the election results completely in his favor.  Sometimes I wonder why these people don't consult me. 




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