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Meet Candy Bobby Flay!

Bobby Flay is a TV chef and cookbook author best known for his many TV shows and books about grilling, but he is also a very successful restaurateur with many restaurants and is one of the Iron Chefs on America's version of "Iron Chef."  I think he got my slot on the show, I'm just saying.  He also has a fun show involving "Throw Downs" with other chefs in which he and another chef compete to make the best version of a dish that is usually the other chef's specialty.  Since I hate when people are so competitive, I challenged Bobby Flay to a Throw Down making a Candy TV Chef, and these were the results:



Bobby Flay's:









Oh, is that kind of unfair I didn't tell him about our Throw Down?  Did he complain about it to you?  Some people are just so competitive!  Hey, he didn't tell me about Iron Chef!  And I had my chef hat picked out and everything.  I was going to be Hot Pink Iron Chef!





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