The Candy Two Fat Ladies

Candy Clarissa Dickson Wright & Candy Jennifer Paterson




Meet The Candy Two Fat Ladies!

The Two Fat Ladies were a colorful British TV Chef duo who starred in their own series and authored several cookbooks.  They were best known for their fearlessness in the wildly rich things they liked to cook and eat, their brazenly unconventional attitudes about pretty much everything, and for riding around on a Triumph motorcycle with a sidecar while wearing goggles and leather jackets!  Clarissa Dickson Wright, the blonde one, came from a well-to-do background and was the youngest person to ever pass the bar in England at age 21, and went on to work as a lawyer and later in cookbook shops for a long time before becoming a TV chef.  Jennifer Paterson, the brunette one, led a colorful life that included world travel, working in TV production, being matron of a girls' school, cooking for celebrities, and being a food columnist before becoming a TV Chef.  Sadly for all the show's fans, she passed away after 4 1/2 years and that was the end of the series.






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