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Meet Candy Justin Wilson!

I gar-on-tee you, whoo-ee, dis TV Chef is one of my fay-vo-reets!  Justin Wilson was a larger-than-life Cajun humorist who made 27 best selling albums full of his storytelling, composed music including the theme for his show, and starred on PBS as a TV chef in some of the most original and fun cooking shows ever made.  His great Louisiana pronunciation of things like on-yons was so amazing you just couldn't stop watching. Watching him cook is like spending some time with your grandfather.  Well, it is to me, because he looks amazingly like my Grandpa Jay (who was married to my Grandma Mary who reminded me of Julia Child, what a pairing!) and told the same sort of wild stories as my grandpa.  I really love Justin Wilson and have made a lot of his recipes from his cookbooks and his great website, like his Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, and they are all jus dee-vine, I gar-on-tee it!





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