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The Chrystal Dunninger Museum

A one-of-a-kind biographical tour of the world's only historical collection of photographs and personal belongings of Chrystal Dunninger, celebrated beauty, professional dancer, magician, and world traveler--and wife of the greatest mentalist who ever lived, Joseph Dunninger.  


Welcome to my Chrystal Dunninger Museum.  It was established in Summer 2001.  It is located in San Jose, California, in a dresser drawer.  This is the whole thing.  


I also have a few of Chrystal's albums/scrapbooks and I'll give you a glimpse inside them, too. This is what some of the albums look like.  There's also a giant messy album chock full of loose photos, cards, letters, and clippings.


I'm the museum's owner and curator, and I'll be your guide today.  My name is Cindy Atmore, and I'm an artist and writer when I'm not here guiding tours.  Here is a picture of me, and a couple of my illustrations just to show you what I do.  Do you recognize the girl in them?  It's me!  Doing things I love.  If you like them, you can go to my Art Gallery here at Cindythings and see more of my art. 

Here I am in my Cindythings Shop taking an order for something fun!

Here I am baking cookies.  Look, there's my famous refrigerator before it was famous!  And my best friend, Kitty Golightly.

I said a couple of pictures, but here's a surprise--one more!  Here I am hurrying back to the chalet for apres-ski fundue.

Okay, that's all for the pictures!   If you like mentalism, you may also want to visit my fun Candy Mentalists Gallery and also my Cartoon Gallery, where you'll find lots of funny cartoons I've drawn about mentalists.

Oh, look, here's the real Kitty Golightly.  She likes hanging around the museum.  Isn't she cute?  She wants to know if you're coming in, so she'll know if she needs to go hide under the bed.  You are?  Okay, go hide, Kitty Go!


Now I'll take you on a guided tour through the museum.  There are lots of interesting things to see, so come along.  I'll start by telling you a little about Chrystal.



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