The Beatniks!

Hey, Daddy-O!  Like, did you know, Hip Cat, that there are these way out Beatniks jiving at Cindy's Fun House?  Like Wow, Beatster, these cats and chicks are hip, baby, they are way gone!  They love to hang out with Francis the Red Espresso Machine and riff their way out poems and get some kicks snapping their fingers to a bongo drum and Cindy's friend, Guitar.  What a crazy fun scene it is when the Beatniks are around!  Meet Raynard and Maynard, the hip cool brother and sister pair at the center of the crazy cool Cindythings Beatnik scene!  Raynard's one wild, crazy cat with a real Beat scene attitude!  Maynard's one cool, hip chick who always knows just what's happening and makes the scene go!  Like, wow, man!  Don't you want to be a part of their crazy scene?

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