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Who's Cindy?

Cindy is a cool, fun artist who lives in a fun house in a big, fun, secret garden someplace truly wonderful where the sun always shines except when it's raining, and everything is a Cindything!!

   What's a Cindything?

  Something or someone Cindy loves!

What's a Cindythingarama?

You're in it!

It's the super fun, one-of-a-kind arcade where you can meet Cindy and Cindy's favorite Cindythings!  See fun art and read fun stories about them!

How to have fun at the Cindythingarama:

Take the tour which will lead you through the whole arcade of Cindythings...


Click below on Cindy or the Cindything you want to look at now!


Cindy! Cindy's Very Best Friend Kitty Golightly!     Magic Joey!     The Wooden Shoes!     Poppy Culture the World's Most Famous Fridge!   The Bedpillow Gang!    The Bicycle with the Basket!   Francis the Red Espresso Machine!      Guitar!   Hope and Gracie theTwo Nice Mice!      The Mantelpiece Spiders!   Pleasy the Easy Bake Oven! Afternoon Tea!   Cindy's friend Julius the Pillow who her nice friend Paul Frank made Just for Her!   The Little Witches!   Cindy's fun friends Xuxa, Xuxa, Xuxa, Xuxa, Xuxa, and Xuxa! Hearty the Happy Apron!   The Liddle Kiddles! Tiffany the Squirrel Nut Bowl!     The Old Dame Who Makes the Best Paper Garlands in the World! The Nook of Books!   The Eight Little Gnomes!  Cap'n Hamilton the Friendly Old Sea Captain's Ghost!   House Mouse!    Twisty Tail!    Blackie One Ear! Slippy the Snail!   Dancing Hot Dog!  His friend The Happy Hamburger! Mustard and Ketchup!   Speck the World's Tiniest Dog!   The Beatniks! The Beatnik's Cool Cats!  The Beatniks Too-Cool Kittens!   Nestle!  His alter-ego Nestor Evil Bunny Man!  Their very best friend in the whole wide world Ollie!  Tiny Tim and Wilbur! Rosie Posie!  Rocky!   Manfred!    Brenda Swishy and Wishy the Fishy!  Love Cats!    Their pal Hungry Cat!   Tipdoggy the Surfer Dude Turtle! Monkey Mouse! Owl! Barney the Big Black Dog! Ginger Cat! Panda Dog! Gertrude the Rose! Shy Mouse! Bluebunny!   Ducky!  Angelnose! Squeakums! Mummy Mouse and Baby Mouse!  Pickledilly the Runaway Circus Pickle!


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