Cap'n Hamilton, the Friendly Old Sea Captain's Ghost!

Everyone knows Cindy has some super special friends, but none is more special than a Friendly Old Sea Captain's Ghost named Cap'n Hamilton!  In his seafaring days, Cap'n Hamilton bravely voyaged to exciting faraway places like Holland and the Orient, trading for treasures and doing courageous, dashing deeds no one else dared do, all so he could return to his long lost love Clementine as a wealthy and worthy man and claim her hand.  One day on his way back to Clementine, Cap'n Hamilton's ship got caught in a storm off a faraway Cape and sank, and was never seen again, but Cap'n Hamilton is seen all the time--at Cindy's Fun House!  He keeps busy making sure everything around Cindy's Fun House stays in ship shape from dawn to dusk.  Then he dances jigs to sea chanties with his mateys and tells tall sea tales until the paper garlands hanging on Cindy's mantel dance and sway on the breeze.  Here's a secret:  his long lost love Clementine is more commonly known as the Old Dame Who Makes the Best Paper Garlands in the World!  She always feels happiest seeing one of her garlands dancing at the mantel, and now you know why!  It means Cap'n Hamilton is there dancing a jig!

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