Hearty the Happy Apron!

Hearty the Happy Apron has been one of Cindy's best friends forever!  He's so much fun that whenever Cindy puts him on, she has lots of fun no matter what she's doing--baking with her delightful friend Pleasy the Easy Bake Oven, tidying up Cindy's Fun House, or making Cindy Art!  Hearty is so happy-go-lucky, he doesn't care if he gets messy or rumpled, he loves it!  But just because he's happy-go-lucky doesn't mean Hearty isn't a deep thinker.  He is!  He has a truly wonderful philosophy.  He believes the most important thing in life is to do what you love with gusto.  Just like he does!  Hearty's dream is that one day, aprons will get to go everywhere!  Cindy wants to help make Hearty's dream come true, don't you?  Until then we can just wear Hearty on our tee shirt!

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