Kitty Golightly!

Cindy has a super special best friend, her name is Kitty Golightly!  Kitty Golightly is the coolest, funnest, sweetest, smartest, bravest, most loved and lovable cat in the world.  She is Cindy's loyal sidekick--and vice versa!  Cindy and Kitty Go do just about everything together, and they always have fun!  Maybe it's because they love all the same fun things and share the same sense of humor!  Kitty is a Cinderella story cat, but she can be a little bit of a diva and make Cindy laugh, laugh, laugh!  Life is never boring with Kitty Golightly around, because she's brilliant and always thinks up fun things for her and Cindy to do.  She keeps life exciting and fun--and cuddly, too!  Wouldn't you like Kitty Golightly to be your sidekick?

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