Mustard and Ketchup!

They may look alike in shape, but no two personalities could be more different than Mustard and Ketchup!  Mustard's a feisty, spunky fellow, who always has a fast, witty comeback to anything.  Ketchup's a sweet, goofy fellow who never thinks of the right thing to say in time, but it doesn't matter, he's got Mustard to think for him!  Mustard and Ketchup love to hang around The Happy Hamburger's favorite diner blowing the paper sleeves off straws, sipping malts, and watching The Dancing Hot Dog dance.  But these two are full of surprises--they are always excited about some new business venture, whether it's writing for movies, becoming movie stars, or opening a shop!  There's just no end to their ambition!  What will they think of next?

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