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Cindy takes a break!   I love going out into my back yard, it's big and has lots of grass and trees and sky and flowers and animals and weather.  There's always something interesting going on--changes in the season, apples or plums or figs to sample, a squirrel doing gymnastics on a lawn chair, or some new animal visiting.  You never know what will be out there--a possum, wild parrots, a lovebird, crows, a pheasant, woodpeckers, a raccoon...  It would be fun if one day I went out there and found a cow wearing a pink flower on its ear, but I hope it would say something more original than "moo!"  I think it would be nice if it wanted to talk about Doris Day movies, don't you?


Cindy the prima ballerina!  It took me years of practice to be able to do this!  No, I'm only kidding, I'm not really a dancer, but I get asked if I am!  But not by anyone who has seen me lose my grip on one of my huge stacks of library books and instantly turn into Jerry Lewis.


Dogs aren't just man's best friend, they're Cindy's!  Not counting Kitty, of course.  They're so sweet and adorable!  I love them all.  Eenie Meenie Minie Moe, which one of these should I pick?  I can't!  I want them all!  I know all the dogs in my neighborhood by name (Hi Chandler, Sammy, Maggie, Molly, Zoey, Paloma, Suki, Rosie, Scout, Katie, Gizmo, Stella, Steve's Dog, and Britney...!) and when I go out on bike rides and walks, they all know me and run to me to say hi!hi!hi! and get petted!  I know all the squirrels, too, the black ones and the gray ones.  And the cats.  And a lot of people!  


Cindy breaks away from the pack in the Giro d'Italia and wins the race!  Whee!  I love bike racing clothes because they're so graphic.  I wear them just for fun!  But hardly ever when I ride my bike.  One Halloween I rode all over in jeans and a sweater and a pointy witch hat, laughing in a very un-wicked way because it kept blowing off!  We also have a big plastic Mr. Peanut Parade Costume that stands about eight feet tall, and one day I want to ride my bike wearing that!  If anyone yells, "Look at the nut on the bike!" I'll give them some peanuts!


Cindy makes a new friend!  I really was in Paris once--our plane to London couldn't land because of fog, so we set down in Paris for exactly five minutes, drank some orange juice, then took back off.  It was exciting while it lasted, but not quite what I expected after all that big build-up.  All I saw was red roofs!

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