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Meet Candy Evan Bayh!

Evan Bayh is the son of a longtime U.S. senator and has also been the Governor of Indiana, a Democratic U.S. Senator, and an author.  And, he really shouldn't be here in the Candy Candidates Gallery but I made him on a day one of my terribly reliable sources listed him as an official 2008 Democratic candidate--only he didn't actually run!  Which just goes to show if you have come here expecting accuracy, you are in big trouble!  Just remember, admission is free, and you've got lots better things to complain about, like why won't Starbucks bring back Banana Mocha Frappuccinos?!  What I find most intriguing about Evan Bayh is the story he once told about how his immigrant great, great grandfather came to Indiana with a yellow tag in his overalls that said "railroad," and because he couldn't speak any English, that's where he went to work.  That story worries me.  From now on I'm going to be very careful when traveling abroad to cut all the tags out of my clothes so I don't end up slaving in a Paul Frank factory.






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