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Meet Candy Sam Brownback!

Sam Brownback is a Republican Senator from Kansas who grew up on a farm, and now serves on several important high level Senate committees.  Boy, that's me all the way.  Some of my ancestors once lived in Kansas, and I grew some tomatoes last summer, and I'm always on important high level committees because once it's common knowledge you've agreed to spearhead the I Love Hello Kitty Committee, suddenly along come the recruiters for the I Watch Bewitched Committee, the We Are People Whose Cats Have Six Toes Committee, the I Like to Complain About Retail Experiences Committee, and on and on it goes until you're having trouble finding time to read Us Magazine!  I identify with Sam so much at this moment, I just know any minute my phone is going to ring and someone is going to be asking me to be a U.S. Senator.  But I'm going to refuse because I'm holding out to be the first pop artist in control of the Pentagon!




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