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Meet Candy Emeril LaGasse!

Unless you've been cut off from a television for a decade or two, you know Emeril LaGasse, because for a long time this TV chef-restaurateur-cookbook author-spice entrepeneur-and brief star of his own sitcom seemed to be on TV every hour of the day and night yelling "Bam!" and "Kick it up a notch!" as he threw spices into a flaming pan in his trademark white jacket. Well, the pan wasn't in his jacket, but you know what I mean. My highly reliable sources at that oracle of infallible fact Wikipedia assert, at least for today, that he was offered a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music but decided instead to become a chef.  Really?  Wow!  That basically happened to me, too, but unfortunately I went all the way through years of outrageously expensive Ivy League college racking my brains to become a magna cum laude nuclear physicist-brain surgeon-concert cellist-archaeologist-playwright before deciding to chuck in all that intellectual overachieving and just make famous people into candy.  Okay, no not really.  I'm still doing a little nuclear physicisting in my spare time.




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