Candy Jacques Pepin



Meet Candy Jacques Pepin!

Jacques Pepin is an Emmy award winning French chef who has made many PBS TV cooking series and written many cookbooks.  He is an amazingly talented artist, too.  In my house Jacques Pepin is like the God of Cooking.  His PBS cooking shows resounded around this house every Saturday for years, and we have all of his cookbooks, all of which have been used like crazy and have lots of little slips of paper and Post-it notes sticking out of the pages.  But my very favorite thing about Jacques Pepin is the great friendship he had with Julia Child and how whenever they did a show together, he somehow ended up being the butter police when she, with her great love of butter, would always want to put more into the recipe they were cooking than he thought was right, but he would let her do it while somehow clearly conveying to the viewing audience through telepathic means, "Don't do that at home!"




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