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Meet Candy Jamie Oliver!

Jamie Oliver is a famous British TV chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur who first came on the cooking scene as The Naked Chef, but I do not make naked Candy figures so here he is wearing Ben Sherman.  Actually, he wasn't naked on any of the shows I've seen so I don't know why he was called that.  I do know his recipes are delicious because someone I know has made a lot of them, which is why I have been known at times to keep a picture of Jamie Oliver torn from a magazine on my fridge, to inspire a little male kitchen rivalry and keep the caramelized leek tarts with gorgonzola cheese coming my way.  Jamie is also a really successful champion of getting people to eat more healthily and naturally.  I once met Jamie Oliver and he told me I must eat a lot since I'm so tall.  Wow, why the British aren't as known for their romantic charm as the French and Italians I just don't know.  I just remind myself it came from someone who doesn't realize French Fries are a vegetable and that pizza IS for breakfast--but only if it's cold!




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