Angels are supposed to do good and be helpful, but sometimes it can be hard to know just what to do!  That's why Angelnose is here.  She's the sweetest, tiniest angel who pokes her little pink nose into things just looking for ways to help wherever help is needed.  When she finds someone who needs help, her nose lights up so all the other angels can rush in and take care of things!  Angelnose started out to be a regular angel like all the others, but she was a bit accident prone.  So now she's got her own special duty and she's very, very happy to be of help!  But, she's still Angelnose!  She's not always super efficient because she sometimes gets distracted by little things like smelling flowers.  So always look around and see if there's a way for you to help someone, and then do it, because we don't want Angelnose getting into any trouble for being late, do we?

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