There's a wild and crazy dog that loves to run around Cindy's Fun House.  Sometimes he's inside, sometimes he's outside, and no one can figure out if he lives there or not!  But squeak! squeak! squeak!  You always know if he's around because he loves to chew his squeaky ball as he races around!  Wiggly and giggly and messy and dirty, when Squeakums comes by, you know you've been squeaked!  Everyone thinks Squeakums must be some kind of stray mutt, but he has a secret.  He's actually a very wealthy dog and lives a very quiet, dignified home life, waited upon hand and foot by fancy dressed butlers.  Well, no one can stand that all the time!  So out he slips to go a little wild!  And when he goes home, he hides his squeaky ball in a silver box on his bedside table!

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