Barney the Big Black Dog!

Once upon a time there was a Big Black Dog.  He was a scruffy, hairy mutt and he was running loose like a bit of a maniac, barking at squirrels and playing with kids all day, and scrounging for scraps for a living.  Once upon a time there was also a Sweet Little Lady who needed new glasses and was just a little lonely.  One day the Big Black Dog and the Sweet Little Lady met at the park.  She thought he was a fancy French poodle and fell in love at first sight and gave him her watercress sandwich.  He thought she was a sweet little lady who needed a Big Black Dog and something better to put in her sandwiches!  So, they lived happily ever after.  She calls him Fifi and thinks he's a girl and pampers him just like one, too, but guess what?  He's a boy and his name is Barney!  The things a dog will put up with to have a sweet little lady!

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