Ginger Cat!

He's so big for a cat, and so fat for a cat, and those stripes look strangely familar...  What is it about Ginger Cat that makes him so different from all the other sweet little kitty cats who live at Cindy's Fun House?  Hmm, maybe it's that big, big GROOOWWWWL when he's hungry!  Or that ROOOOAAAARRRR when he's saying hi!  Or that PURRRRRRR that's as loud as a motorcycle!  There's definitely something funny about Ginger Cat, but no one at Cindy's Fun House has decided what it is.  But Ginger Cat knows.  And he'd tell you, but he only speaks a language from a far away place where wild tigers roam and every day is sunny!  He may be a bit different, but deep down this big boy is just a sweet little kitty who loves to curl up on Cindy's lap for a tickle and a nice warm nap!

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