Some bunnies have all the luck, but the luckiest one of all is Bluebunny!  One day Cindy found him in the street, all dirty and lost and hoping someone nice would take him home.  So Cindy brought him home to Cindy's Fun House, washed him up all clean and new, named him Bluebunny, and now he's the happiest little imp at Cindy's Fun House!  And an imp he is.  Bluebunny loves to do impish little things, can't you tell just by looking at him?  His specialty is giggling and running all around in his little blue birthday suit whenever Cindy wants to give him a bath or tuck him in his little bed at night.  He's not afraid Cindy will get tired of his impish little tricks, because he believes he's a lucky little bunny who left his unlucky days behind him, right where all unlucky luck belongs!  If you've ever had some bad luck, just remember Bluebunny and look for something nice to happen next, and it will!

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