Shy Mouse!

Oh dear, oh dear!  It's so difficult to be a shy mouse!  How do you ask for cheese?  Shy Mouse knows--he doesn't ask!  He just tippy-toes out of his little mouse hole late at night in Cindy's Fun House and borrows some.  He'll pay it all back one day, he's convinced of that!  Just as soon as he overcomes his rather intense shyness and becomes a great opera singer just like his great Italian hero, Mousiano Pavaratti.  You may think Shy Mouse doesn't have much of a chance of fame, looking at him, because he is rather shy and timid, isn't he?  But he's got a voice like a god, and one day when he gets up his nerve, he's going to belt out a number at Carnegie Hall and make good on his dreams!  Until then, if you don't mind, he's going to borrow just the tiniest bit of that Muenster Cheese, and perhaps a cracker crumb.  But don't worry, he'll pay you back with interest.  Why?  Because he's got a grateful heart!

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