Hungry Cat!

Some cats, like Love Cats, think only about love, love love!  But not Hungry Cat!  Guess what he thinks about?  Eating!  He's always hungry and dreaming up what he's going to eat next.  A nice fish bone?  Bird feathers?  A little catnip leaf?  Or maybe a bug!  Hungry Cat just loves to eat, eat, eat, and he's lucky, because he lives at Cindy's Fun House where there's almost always something yummy cooking or baking, even if it's just some broccoli Cindy is making for a quiche!  Hungry Cat loves to try new things, he's a real epicure!  He'll try anything once, and he's so generous and has such a big heart, he'd share his last bone.  But just don't ask him to kiss a girl!  Ick!  He's not ready for that!

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