Love Cats!

One cat loves one cat in a big, big way!  One cat loves one cat in a lot of little ways!  Put them together and what do you have?  Love Cats!  Guess who they love?  Each other!  Guess why?  Because they're sweet and silly and romantic and love being in love with each other!  Love Cats each love in their own way, that's the only way to love!  Or be loved.  After all, what would be the fun in love if every cat loved the same?  So White Love Cat loves Black Love Cat with oodles of love, one big bunch of love at a time!  White Love Cat is the kind of Love Cat who would hang a giant heart-shaped banner from London Bridge declaring "I love you with all my heart forever!"  And Black Love Cat loves White Love Cat in lots of tiny little ways.  Black Love Cat is the kind of Cat who would give White Love Cat his last mouse toy, or show it the best catnip plant, or purr a little quietly, "You're cute!"  Both Love Cats go a little crazy because they're so different, they just never know what the other Love Cat is going to do next or how they'll feel about it!  But, that's what makes love fun!

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