Julius the Pillow!

Cindy has a special friend named Julius the Pillow, who her nice friend Paul Frank made Just for Her!  Julius is Cindy's super loyal friend through thick and thin, no matter what!  Of all of the Bedpillow Gang, he's the biggest star, and Cindy loves him so much she put his picture right on the roof of Red Mini Cooper!  Everyone should have a loyal friend like Julius the Pillow!  And Paul Frank has a loyal friend in Cindy.  She has billions of his tee shirts and wears them every day because she loves loves loves Paul Frank!  He's Cindy's favorite pop artist!  Cindy is happy to share her love of Paul Frank and her picture of her friend Julius the Pillow with you on this special page, but if you want your own Julius the Pillow or a picture of Julius on a tee shirt or anything else, you'll have to get one from Cindy's friend--and yours--Paul Frank!  And be sure to tell him Cindy sent you!  Cindy loves Paul Frank!

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