Afternoon Tea!

Some might say that Afternoon Tea is just that, but Cindy knows better--Afternoon Tea is one of Cindy's favorite friends!  Afternoon Tea loves to pause at the end of a busy afternoon to enjoy the simple things in life, hot tea, a bite of something good to eat, pleasant surroundings, and a nice chat-- or a nice muse about something fun.  And her favorite person to do it with is Cindy!  And if Cindy's friends are there, all the better.  Afternoon Tea is never happier than when she's invited to enjoy some good company like Cindy's.  You may not be able to see her, because she can't really be seen, but if you're like Cindy, you always know when she's there when you sit down to a late afternoon treat and you can just feel her pleasant English personality all around you like a soft, cozy sweater!

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