Who's everyone's best best buddy at Cindy's Fun House?  It's Nestle!  Nestle is a little gray bunny with a great big personality!  Cute and funny and naughty, and oh so sweet, too, he's the smartest bunny anywhere!  Not only has he eaten a few good books, along with bits of a few shoes, a boot, wall corners, portfolios, purses, magazines, fireplaces, carpets, dish towels, blankets, sweaters, tee shirts, electric wires, and almost one straight pin, and lived to tell the tale, he's the only bunny who ever earned a master's degree in business from a university!  Determined and applied whether he's being naughty or industrious, Nestle is living proof that hard work pays off.  He's a respected rabbit gourmet and he runs his own business smoothing bed covers!  But he's not all work.  In his spare time Nestle is a world class sprinter, and he's the smart half of a two-bunny circus act!  Nestle is one super talented bunny!  Don't you want him to be your buddy, too? 

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