Nestor Evil Bunny Man!

Who's the naughtiest little bunny at Cindy's Fun House?  It's Nestor Evil Bunny Man!  He looks a LOT like Nestle.  Quite a lot.  A whole lot, in fact!  But make no mistake, all those naughty things that get done by a little gray rabbit around Cindy's Fun House aren't done by Nestle.  Oh, no, they're done by Nestor Evil Bunny Man!  He's the one who eats everything naughty, and thumps his back foot to let you know he's hopping mad, and runs, runs, runs away like a little dickens just when he's supposed to come!  Although no one ever sees him in the same place as Nestle, Nestle swears Nestor is the one who gets into all that trouble and comes up with all those naughty ideas.  I believe Nestle, don't you?  Nestor Evil Bunny Man looks pretty naughty to me!  I can almost hear him giggling, can't you?

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