The Nook of Books!

Everyone needs a special little place in the world to slip away from their own adventures for a time and become lost in a book, and at Cindy's Fun House that place is called The Nook of Books.  Teeny and tiny and oh so comfortable and inviting, the Nook of Books is the place to leave the ordinary world behind and embark on exciting, happy adventures into all times and places through the magical pages of a book.  Every place where books are read comes to life with its own special magic over time, something you can feel in the air the moment you're there, and The Nook of Books is no exception.  The most accepting and kindest of friends, The Nook of Books always understands just how you're feeling and somehow always puts just the right book in your hands at just the right moment to make the magic of reading happen!  That's what makes him one of Cindy's best, most trusted friends, and her favorite place to visit when she needs a break from being everyone's favorite Cindy.  You don't have to visit The Nook of Books for him to be your friend, too, all you have to do is love reading and wish for a good book to love, and he'll make your wish come true as fast as he can!

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