The Old Dame Who Makes the Best Paper Garlands in the World!

Cindy always has The Best Paper Garlands in the World hanging from her mantelpiece all year long--just ask The Mantelpiece Spiders!  And now you know her secret--she has a very special dear old friend living at Cindy's Fun House who makes them, but no one calls her by her name, she just likes to be called The Old Dame!  The Old Dame came from someplace very charming in the Old World and has a delightful accent.  When she was very young and beautiful, she fell in love with a handsome prince who visited her family's fairytale castle, and then whiled away the time until his promised return by snipping paper garlands to amuse herself, and she is still happily waiting, because she knows he will be back any minute and they will be together happily ever after!  Snip, snip, snip, she works magic with her tiny scissors and in a wink and a smile, she's made a paper garland beyond compare!  They dance like magic on the tiniest breeze, just like a heart at the thought of a beloved one, and make everyone who visits Cindy's Fun House smile--and that makes The Old Dame smile!  The Old Dame always says no matter what life brings or when, life is sweeter with a paper garland dancing at your mantelpiece!  What do you think?  Find out!  You can make one of The Old Dame's Best Paper Garland's in the World yourself by going to Camp Cindythings here at!  Or you can buy one made by The Old Dame herself, right here in the Cindythings Shop!

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