Poppy Culture!

The World's Most Famous Fridge!

Poppy Culture is Cindy's world famous fridge!  She got her name by being Cindy's favorite place for celebrating Pop Culture!  Poppy wears lots and lots of fun pictures and magnets Cindy makes and puts on her door, so she is one colorful and with-it fridge!  She became world famous when her beau, a dashing mind reader named Ian, came all the way from chilly England to discover her and put her picture on his website, but she has always been a diva.  And like any great diva, she may be gorgeous, but she's deeper than that--she likes to hum-hum-hum all day long and dreams of someday playing Carnegie Hall!  Here's Cindy's favorite portrait of Poppy!  Isn't she divine?  You'd better say yes or she'll get a bit frosty.

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