The Wooden Shoes!

Klomp, klomp, klomp!  What's more fun than klomping around in a pair of big wooden shoes Cindy's friend Cap'n Hamilton, the Friendly Old Sea Captain's Ghost, brought back from a long, brave sea voyage to Holland?  They're big, they're fun, and Cindy loves them!  She keeps four pair by her door, some for her, and some for her friends, and sometimes Kitty keeps her toys in them, too!  Cindy wears The Wooden Shoes any time, just for fun, for baking in the kitchen or klomping outside to say hi to a friend!  Anything is more fun with The Wooden Shoes!  If you don't have some, you can still have fun looking at Cindy's Wooden Shoes!  Each pair is different, and each pair has its own personality--and wants to be liked best by you!  They're so friendly and such good company, they remind Cindy of something warm and wonderful, but she just can't decide what!  Can you?

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