Rosie Posie!

Some girl hamsters are tomboys, and some girl hamsters are frilly and fussy and love everything pink.  Then there's Rosie Posie, who's both!  She loves, loves, loves to fuss with her little nest and primp her little pink ears just so.  But give her half a chance, and Rosie Posie will bravely explore the big wide world to her heart's content!  Rosie Posie is lucky she's just like she is, because she has dreams of starring on the stage one day in all kinds of great roles!  A talent beyond compare, Rosie Posie is always entertaining everyone at Cindy's Fun House with her dramatic moods and amusing feats.  She's a real drama queen.  And guess what her dream role is?  She wants to play the lead in the Broadway hamster version of the Godfather, because she can stuff even more tissue in her expando-cheeks than Marlon Brando! 

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