Tiny Tim and Wilbur!

Weet!  Weet!  Weet!  Who's that squeaking every time Poppy the World Famous Fridge's door opens just a crack?  Why, it's Tiny Tim and Wilbur, the two sweet, cute, adorable guinea pigs who are the true drama queens of Cindy's fun house!  It doesn't take much to get these two going wild!  And what do they go wild about?  What else?  Yummy treats!  These two are world class gourmets!  They like lettuce.  They like apples.  They like anything.  But more than anything, guess what they like?  Butterscotch Pudding!  I told you they were gourmets.  When they're not eating, Tiny Tim and Wilbur like to do a little mind-reading act--they try to guess what they'll get to eat next!

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