Slippy the Snail!

Slippy the Snail is a very special snail.  He started life in a nice family that lived by the waterhose spigot at Cindy's Fun House, but soon fell in, as young snails sometimes do, with a rather unruly gang of front porch snails.  One day when Slippy was having fun showing off for his friends and playing chicken on the doormat of Cindy's Fun House, he miscalculated his top speed for getting out of the way and got stepped on.  After he politely yoo-hooed for help, because he came from a slightly better home than his rough and tumble friends and is unfailingly polite, Cindy found him and patched up his crunched shell with a new and improved papier-mache one.   Back in top snail shape and feeling just like new, Slippy now lives in luxury on a porcelain saucer, sleeps in a priceless antique egg cup, and dines on apples, lettuce, and all manner of delicacy--he's a rags to riches snail!  When he gets restless, Slippy still likes to have a little fun daringly exploring Cindy's Fun House, and from time to time he visits his old family at the waterhose spigot, and they are always happy to see him.  Slippy is one great snail, still as intrepid and game for anything as ever, but there's one thing he likes better than anything else in the whole world--watching his idol Bob on The Bob Newhart Show!  Hey, snails like TV, too!

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